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New Chinese EVclicks Galleries

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Ever heard of the this car? No?

This is the HiPhi X . It has a 97kWh battery,

2x 220kW motors, 820nM torque &

0-62mph of 3.9 secs...

This is just one example of the multitudes of amazing EVs that are currently only available in China. There are a wealth of brilliant EVs in China that many of us have probably never even heard of. EV Clicks has therefore now teamed up with

Fully Charged Show's China presenter - Elliott Richards. With his help we have now opened a brand new set of galleries to showcase these interesting EVs. We hope going forward to see alot more photo donations from other viewers in China to help us expand further.

Let's hope we see some of these fantastic cars appearing in Europe in the near future


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