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  • EVclicks races past 4,000 image milestone

    The premise behind EVclicks is simple - people from all around the world donate their electric vehicle images for anyone to download and use in aid of the transition to zero tailpipe emission transport. Since it was founded in February 2018, the number of galleries and types of vehicles - and chargers - has grown exponentially. We recently raced past the 4,000 image milestone, and have dozens of galleries of every imaginable sort of electric vehicle - from everyday electric cars and taxis, to electric vans, buses, bikes and EV conversions. We have electric boats and ships, racing cars and one wheel e-skateboards. And we have an amazing 24 galleries dedicated to Chinese electric car manufacturers. Let's not forget the charging galleries. From public charging to workplace and home charging, there are images from around the globe. Images from EVclicks have been used by numerous people, organisations, trade bodies, media outlets (BBC News was a highlight), and Government. And so a huge 'thank you!' goes to everyone who has donated photos over the last four and a half years. I also need to thank The Plugseeker, who has volunteered countless hours of his time to support EVclicks and get it to where it is today. If you haven't checked out the website yet, please do! And if you would like to donate your EV-related photos, simply email the originals to Gill Nowell, 10 July 2022 You can find me on Twitter @Gill_Nowell, and find The Plugseeker @The_PlugSeeker.

  • New Chinese EVclicks Galleries

    Ever heard of the this car? No? This is the HiPhi X . It has a 97kWh battery, 2x 220kW motors, 820nM torque & 0-62mph of 3.9 secs... This is just one example of the multitudes of amazing EVs that are currently only available in China. There are a wealth of brilliant EVs in China that many of us have probably never even heard of. EV Clicks has therefore now teamed up with Fully Charged Show's China presenter - Elliott Richards. With his help we have now opened a brand new set of galleries to showcase these interesting EVs. We hope going forward to see alot more photo donations from other viewers in China to help us expand further. Let's hope we see some of these fantastic cars appearing in Europe in the near future

  • EVclicks achieves major milestone!

    We are delighted to announce that image donations to EVclicks have flown past the 2,000 milestone. Huge thanks go to everyone from around the globe who have donated their EV photos in aid of the transition to zero tailpipe emission transport. Founded in February 2019 by EV enthusiast and advocate Gill Nowell, EVclicks has gone from strength to strength, as both image donations and use of the images continue to increase. It was set up with the aim of making EV images freely available for use by schools, communities, projects and businesses in support of the move away from the internal combustion engine, to electric modes of transport. Although impossible to track all uses of the photos, examples can be seen in marketing materials for trade bodies, use by Government in EV schools campaigns, by EV YouTubers, in presentations on climate change and EVs, and by the newly formed Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England (in the spirit of transparency, Gill is a founding member of EVA England). EVclicks has benefited recently from the support the online EV advocate commonly known as ”The Plugseeker”, who has been amazing in encouraging more and more people to contribute their photos to the website, and has been instrumental in setting up a FaceBook group and Instagram account for EVclicks. We now have a far more organised library of images, and hope to add a search function soon. As far as we know, there is no other free resource of EV images. EVclicks is a success thanks to everyone who donates their photos - please keep them coming!

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  • Electric Cars | @EVclicks

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  • Chinese EVs | @EVclicks

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  • Other EVs | @EVclicks

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