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The @EVclicks vision

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

The vision behind @EVclicks is simple - it's an open source, free library of electric vehicle images for anyone to use in aid of the transition from #ICE to #EV.

In my work life, I often need to source electric vehicle-related images for use in presentations and press releases. I like to use true to life images, that actually show how people are adapting to life with electric vehicles and their charging needs. It struck me that a platform on which to share electric vehicle images could be useful.

With this in mind, I set up a new Twitter account, @EVclicks, and encouraged many of my fellow electric vehicle advocates to 'donate' their images for open access, free use. The response has been fantastic.

I am hoping that schools, community groups, projects and small businesses (this list in non-exhaustive!) will make use of the photos as we make the inevitable move away from internal combustion engine, to electric modes of transport.

#electricvehicles #EV #smartcharging #airquality #RoadtoZero

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