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It's the final countdown to Fully Charged LIVE!

As the highlight of the electric vehicle year fast approaches, I wonder in amazement at the prospect of 3,000 EV test drives, 30 live sessions, a live music stage, loads of fun things for children to do, hundreds of electric vehicle and cleantech exhibitors, and great networking amongst fellow enthusiasts and innovators.

Fully Charged LIVE is taking place from 7 - 9 June at Silverstone. I am delighted to have been asked to take part in one of the live panel sessions. I'll be joining Tom Callow, from BP Chargemaster, and Dave Greenwood from WMG at 14.00 on Friday 7 June. Hosted by TV presenter Maddie Moate, we'll be talking about how the UK is doing on energy and transport.

I've worked on EV-grid integration projects since 2012, am a Nissan LEAF driver, and a proud beta tester of the Ohme intelligent charging cable. I'm looking forward to chatting about my favourite subjects (electric cars and smart charging), and also consider how a data-driven approach to innovation can support EV uptake.

I'll be representing ElectraLink on 7 June. ElectraLink delivers the UK's Energy Market Data Hub. We're doing amazing things with data to support the uptake of electric vehicles and other low carbon technologies - a good example is the LCT Detection project with IBM for Western Power Distribution, where we used a data-driven approach to spot previously unknown instances of EVs and solar panels connected to the local electricity network. Knowledge of what's connected to the network is critical for Distribution Network Operators so that they can plan effectively to facilitate uptake of EVs and solar on the local electricity network (which wasn't designed with big new loads such as electric cars in mind).

Fully Charged LIVE promises to be the most exciting and exhilarating EV and cleantech event of the year. If you haven't yet bought your ticket, you can do so here:

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